Brandstone Holdings LLC owns and operates its own planned, designed, and manufactured branding products to individuals and companies that are interested to acquire their own label and branding exclusivity rights over countries at below wholesale prices generating huge profits with expected margin of 250% and above on each product sale.

Our brands are already well know as for the top quality, efficiency, to expand our line of production on a global scale, as of now we had started to provide an exclusivity rights of our four leading products to continents and regions worldwide that includes full support, supply of goods, and 24/7 online customer services.

Terms and services includes:

  1. Full ownership and branding on each selected of our four products
  2. Choose your own band name
  3. Guaranteed monthly supply
  4. Your own LOGO
  5. 24/7 customer service
  6. Minimum investment for full exclusivity rights over a country to maintain an annual orders of $1,200,000.00 USD which will be orders of $100,000 USD per month

Product List

  1. Foil Balloons in Arabic Fonts Shapes and Numbers
  2. Herbal tea
  3. Skinny Coffee
  4. Natural Hair Extensions



We had invented and patented the Arabic fonts letters and numbers to the Islamic population which is the third largest community in the world with a potential of $10 Billion USD annual market sales. As of yet there are no Arabic Fonts and letters on the global market today, which is a very new product with a real high demand.

We took a wise step and had started with the design and production of this new fonts and letters, we will be happy to receive a custom designs and shapes of any size at no charge to our future potential partners to each and every Muslim country.

We had already started to receive special requests for such special and most in demand product bring this new technology to all islamic countries, we’ve had started to receive special requests from potential interested parties to become our partner with full exclusivity rights making great potential income. For more information about the prices and cost to become our partner, please use the contact form, one of our representative will get back to you with a price list within the next 48 hours.


z-pureblends-collectionWe have over 500 leaves for you to pick from to make a really special brew. Using only natural products, we have a range of teas to excite. We have also created premium blends that are used for detoxifying the body, with super-herbal contents that promote wellbeing and weight loss.

Using only natural products, our range of teas are used for detoxifying the body and the super-herbal contents promote wellbeing and weight loss.



skinny-coffee-groupGreat product with great results loosing weight more information can be provided under your own band for serious inquiries




untitled-1Another great product that is most in demand with most beautiful and natural hair extensions than can be provided under your own band for serious inquiries, please use the contact form below.


You are welcome to comment or offer any idea for improvement we are always happy to perform