44 Ways To Make More Money

39. Sell your gold and silver.

Find out the weight of any gold or silver jewelry you’d like to sell with a kitchen scale or at a jeweler’s. Find out the purity, i.e. 12K, and use Dendritics.com to calculate the potential value. Search for a reputable vendor at Jewelers Vigilance Committee, and also consult the Better Business Bureau. Then shop around for the best offer.

40. Sell bottled water at events.

Buy bottled water in bulk and sell it at festivals or other large events for $1 per bottle.

41. Collect bottles and cans for deposit. 

If you live in one of the ten U.S. states that offer a deposit for cans and bottles, you can collect them and obtain cash.

42. Put ads on your car.

Check out AutoWrapped and FreeCarMedia.

43. Get paid for online searches.

Add Qmee to your browser, and if you click on a search result it offers, you’ll earn some change.

44. Look for unclaimed money.

Yes, sometimes you can have money that you don’t know about.Check in occasionally to see if you are owed any.